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Without the right tools, cleaning a home can be a real hassle. Fortunately, there are various devices that make cleaning easier. This is the case with the robot vacuum cleaner, for example.

Designed to make cleaning the house easier, this device saves time and energy. There are so many models to choose from that some consumers may find it difficult to make a choice. Fortunately, they can always rely on the opinions of experts and consumers to know which is the best vacuum cleaner on the market.

In this article, we review the INSE robot vacuum cleaner model.

Our expert opinion on the INSE robot vacuum cleaner

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INSE is one of the best known vacuum cleaner brands on the market. In addition, the manufacturer produces and markets various appliances of the latest generation. It is distinguished by the quality of the devices offeredThe INSE E6 vacuum cleaner is the proof. It is a robust and easy to use device. It is theone of the most reliable models on the market.

Appliance manufacturers are constantly innovating in order to offer ever more competitive products. To make housework easier and faster, designers rely on new technologies. L'robot vacuum cleaner of INSE is therefore in line with this momentum, in particular, with its remote control system. It's a real revolution. Just turn on the machine and it cleans for you.

The three cleaning modes of the robot vacuum cleaner allow the suction of any type of surface. The device is also equipped with an anti-shock protection system that allows it to avoid falls and shocks. It is robust and remotely controllable. With such equipment, you feel like you are free from cleaning. With this model of robot vacuum cleaner, INSE relies on an innovative technology, and consumers are more and more won over.

Buyers' opinions

The INSE E3 robot vacuum gets an average of 3.8/5 stars across all buyer reviews, with 38% giving it a 5-star rating. Far from being unanimous, this model is still one of those that gets the most positive reviews. Among the various comments observed, we note the following points:

  • Buyers appreciate the value for money The price is competitive when compared to the quality of the product and all the options available. Especially since other models with the same features from other brands are sold for more.
  • Users are impressed with the suction power of the robot With a weight of 2.46 kg and a diameter of less than 30 cm, you wouldn't expect this much power. But that's without counting on the three cleaning modes of the device and the capacity of its dust container.
  • Customers are won over by the design of the robot vacuum cleaner: The compact shape of the INSE robot vacuum cleaner is a major advantage. It reaches underneath furniture and can also be stored discreetly.
  • Users appreciate the performance of integrated sensors in the appliance: these sensors allow the robot vacuum cleaner to deal with obstacles of 10 mm, with a lifting angle of 15°. This is a real plus when you know that a furnished home can be very cluttered.
  • Buyers are confident in finding spare parts for their vacuum cleaners: information about the availability of spare parts is written on the parts. This means that the appliance can be easily repaired in the event of a breakdown.
  • Users are won over by the silence of the INSE robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Many buyers have already adopted it for their daily cleaning.

Technical description

The INSE robot vacuum cleaner is a great ally for cleaning surfaces. It has three distinct cleaning modes and is equipped with the latest intelligent technology. This allows it to avoid obstacles while cleaning your floors.

With the remote control system, you can vacuum at the touch of a button. The robot is sold with a remote control that allows you to operate and direct it.

It is a technological jewel that combines power, sophistication and utility. It is equipped with two side brushes that allow it to thoroughly clean the dirtiest surfaces. Before buying this device, you should consider a few technical criteria:

  • The cleaning modes: depending on the nature of the surface to be cleaned, you can choose between the reservation, random and spot modes.
  • Weight: this model weighs 2.46 kg.
  • Capacity: the device can hold up to 400 mL and is recommended for short or long carpet, and also for tiles, parquet.
  • Autonomy: the continuous operating time of the device is 40 to 60 minutes.
  • An anti-shock protection function that combines a fall prevention system with obstacle detection.
  • Ultra slim design: At 72 mm high, the INSE robot vacuum can fit under furniture, allowing you to clean hard-to-reach surfaces.
  • High performance integrated sensors
  • Several cleaning modes
  • Active shock protection
  • Ultra-thin for access under furniture
inse robot vacuum cleaner review

Is the INSE robot vacuum cleaner a quality product?

The devices of the INSE brand have an excellent reputation. This is due to the fact that the designers rely on choice materials, and on an ever more innovative technology. In the field of vacuum cleaners, the brand offers various models including upright and robot vacuum cleaners. Unlike the upright vacuum cleaner, which remains restrictive because of its manual use, the robot vacuum cleaner gives you more freedom.

The robot vacuum cleaner of INSE is a robust and highly functional compact device. It has many features, and handles even the smallest obstacles with its highly accurate detection system. Its anti-shock protection It is also resistant to shocks and other accidents. In addition to the quality of the product, which is no longer in question, it should be noted that the device is sold at a very competitive price.

Power: What about the INSE robot vacuum cleaner?

The three cleaning modes of the INSE robot vacuum cleaner give it an average power of 3000 Pa. Proportional to its size and weight, it is a very powerful device. You can use it to clean hard floors such as your parquet, tiles, or any other surface.

Use it to vacuum short or long carpets and many other floor coverings. This appliance will accompany you in your daily cleaning. Take it to every room in the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom, living room and bathroom.

With its power of 3000 Pa, one might expect the INSE vacuum cleaner to make some noise. However, this is not the case. It is a silent vacuum cleaner with remote control that goes almost unnoticed. Cleaning your home with this device will give you a real sense of freedom.


This smart vacuum cleaner model is available only in dark black, and is counted among the most competitive robot vacuum cleaners on the market. So don't hesitate to get one to enjoy a unique cleaning experience. It is suitable for all needs and is very effective for homes with pets.



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