WAGNER CONTROL 150M paint spray gun: Customer reviews and prices

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The Wagner Control 150 M spray gun is designed for do-it-yourselfers and anyone who likes to do things by themselves. This equipment has the advantage of being able to be used for different tasks in a house.

It can be used to repaint garden fences, walls, ceilings, and even a garden shed. Better still, it can be used to apply not only paint, but also stain or varnish. What do I really need to know about the Wagner Control 150 M spray gun?

WAGNER Control 150 M paint spray gun: its characteristics

The Wagner Control 150 M paint gun is a good and useful tool for all DIYers, whether they are amateurs or pros. It has several features...

Speed and flexibility

The Wagner Control 150 M spray gun has a 7.5 meter airless hose, which allows to work on a large space without stopping to move the machine. This saves valuable time, and the work is done more quickly. Also, the quality of the spray is much betterThis is because there is less downtime. With the Wagner Control 150 M spray gun, the paint is sucked directly into the spray tank. In addition to its HEA, a homogeneous application of the paint is ensured.

Innovative technology

The Wagner Control 150 M spray gun is suitable for small and medium-sized projects. It is so effective because of the HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) technology it uses. This innovative technology translates into low pressure and high air flow. This allows the paint to be applied much more evenly than with a paint brush or roller. The fact that it is sprayed preserves the structure of the surface to be painted, since everything is done without contact.

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Capacity and performance

The bucket of the spray gun Wagner Control 150 M a a good capacity of 5.5 liters. This allows you to work non-stop and quickly on a small or medium-sized project. At the same time, spraying saves on paint, compared to other manual methods.

Let us note that apart from the painting, the cup can also contain stains or varnishes. These substances can be sprayed just as quickly as paint, and quickly and effectively too. Thanks to the size of the cup, the user will not have to fill it too quickly. Also, it is easy to fill due to its tank-like shape.

Available accessories

The Wagner Control 150 M spray gun comes with several accessories. In the package, there are instructions for use and 7.5 meter hose. There is also a HEA nozzle kit, as well as a 311 and 517 HEA nozzle. Finally, the coli comes with a control 150 M and a control Pro Airless gun.

Characteristics table

Characteristic            Value
Voltage220 Volts (AC)
Power350 watts
Hose length7.5 meters
Weight9.04 Books
Product dimensions (L x W x H)34.3 x 31.8 x 30.5 cm
Paint flow0.9 l/min

WAGNER Control 150 M paint spray gun: advantages and disadvantages

  • Power
  • Easy to fill tank
  • 4-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Flow control

Features and applications of the WAGNER Control 150 M spray gun

The Wagner Control 150 M spray gun is a tool effective for the realization of painting work in interior or exterior. It is an investment that will allow to decorate places in the house, changing their paint or varnishing them for example. The Wagner paint gun Control 150 M is an equipment designed for do-it-yourselfers. Its ease of use means that it can be used by amateurs too. 

It is a compact and flexible model, which has the advantage of having a very easy to refill paint tank. It is also very easy to move. The Wagner paint gun Control 150 M features the innovative High Efficiency Airless (HEA). This provides an unprecedented user experience.

Garden or car shelters, benches, walls or ceilings, it is possible thanks to this gun, to paint or varnish them yourself easily, as long as you are handy enough. With such an instrument, the work is done in a uniform and fast waycompared to a brush or roller. The Wagner Control 150 M spray gun can be used with paint, but not only. It can be used to spray water-based products, or solvents. It can also be used for lacquer, acrylic or dispersion paint, latex or stains. 

This gun can also be used for spraying wood protection products, strippers or plant protection products. It can also be used for primers, underbody protection, cavity protection, or undercoat paints. The possibilities are numerous with the spray gun Wagner Control 150 M.

Its 5.5 liter tank is perfectly suited for small to medium-sized projects, and its hose is 7.5 m long. It features high performance airless technology. The spray pressure of the device is reduced, which promotes great control. It is interesting to know that with this equipment, the spray mist is reduced by 55 %. Finally, the filtering system contained in the device promotes continuous work, and the Wagner Control 150M spray gun has a perfect covering power.

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How much does the WAGNER Control 150M spray gun cost?

Outside of physical DIY stores, this device is available at Amazon for 344.77 euros. It can also be purchased at Cdiscount at 399.99 euros, at Castorama also at 369 euros.

WAGNER Control 150 M paint spray gun: user reviews and test conclusion

One of the things about the Wagner Control 150 M paint gun is that it is best suited for occasional use. Also, there is no flow adjustment on this model. Apart from these few points, It is a very powerful tool that can be used internally and externally.

Polyvalent, il ne pulvérise pas seulement de la peinture, mais bien d’autres produits également. Le pistolet à peinture Wagner Control 150 M est très simple à utiliser et il sert aussi bien aux professionnels qu’aux amateurs du bricolage. Il offre de bon résultat, et il est assez rapide comme modèle de pistolet à peinture.

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