TOP 7 Best Rotary Tools in 2023 [Which One to Choose]

Whether you are an engraver, a carpenter, a contractor, a renovator or just a hobbyist, you know how important a good rotary tool is for your workshop.

It may seem very simple at first glance, but what sets this power tool apart from the other tools you have in your arsenal is the presence of various accessories capable of performing multiple functions, notamment le ponçage, le polissage et l’usinage.

Il peut également être utilisé pour le ponçage, le rodage, la gravure et le perçage. Il n’est donc pas étonnant qu’il soit one of the most indispensable tools in a workshop.

Vous venez peut-être de vous lancer dans un nouveau hobby et vous voulez un rotary tool de base pour commencer. Ou vous êtes un professionnel et votre Dremel tool a soudainement cessé de fonctionner au milieu d’un projet.

In this article, we will see what a rotary tool is, de ses nombreuses applications, et vous donner quelques conseils de sécurité pour l’utilisation de cet outil électrique indispensable.

Nous verrons également les better tools rotatifs disponibles en ligne afin que vous puissiez prendre une décision éclairée lors de votre achat.

  • Comes with its own hard plastic carrying case that protects it from dust, moisture or shock.
  • Many Dremel accessories and Dremel adapters included.
  • The bright LED work light allows you to see your work surface even in poor lighting conditions.
  • Its powerful motor delivers 5,000 to 35,000 rpm. The speed is variable, ensuring greater control and precision for any project.
  • It is equipped with an ergonomic and non-slip soft handle.
  • The quality of the tool could be even better.


Rotary tools are often all referred to as "Dremel" thanks to the company's pioneering innovations. It is true that Dremel is still the undisputed leader in rotary tools.

The Dremel 4300 High Performance Rotary Tool Kit is one of the best selling products and there is no wonder why. It has a powerful motor that produces between 5,000 and 35,000 rpm. The speed can be adjusted depending on the material you're working with, whether it's etching on delicate glass or polishing corroded brass.

This Dremel tool kit comes with many accessories, including sanding discs, polishing pads and more, so you can easily work on your project.

top 7 best rotary tools

TACKLIFE 135W with 6 Adjustable Speed

Over 80 accessories included
  • It comes with a durable carrying case to protect it from dust, moisture and shock.
  • The location of the on/off switch and the variable speed dial is intuitive.
  • It is easy to install the different accessories thanks to its design.
  • It is equipped with a powerful motor that delivers between 10,000 and 32,000 rpm.
  • Small price.
  • The overall quality of some power tools can be uneven.


This TACKLIFE rotary tool kit is an excellent complement to to your workshop with its impressive design and reliable performance. It has an impressive motor that produces up to 32,000 rpm.

The speed is variable, so you can adjust it to suit your material and your project. Choose the lowest setting if you want maximum control and precision, and set it to the highest setting for more efficient and powerful performance.

The kit comes with a flexible shaft qui vous permet de manier plus facilement l’outil lorsque vous travaillez sur des matériaux délicats ou de petite taille. De plus, il est livré avec des accessoires et des pièces jointes, notamment des roues de coupe, des bandes de ponçage, des roues de polissage de feutre, une clé Allen et une clé à fourche.

Il comprend également plusieurs disques de ponçage, une pierre de dressage, des mèches et des meules.

best rotary tools

Proxxon 28481

Professional drilling and milling machine
  • Comes with an excellent hard polypropylene carrying case that protects it from dirt, debris and moisture.
  • Accessories and attachments are well organized in the box.
  • It is a compact and lightweight rotary tool.
  • The variable speed can reach up to 20,000 rpm.
  • A rotary tool more expensive than most other models.


The Proxxon 28481 is the ideal tool for both amateurs and professionals. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to handle if you are working with delicate materials or creating intricate details.

The housing is durable due to its reinforced polyamide construction. The drive head, meanwhile, is made of die-cast aluminum. The set includes an assortment of bits and knives, as well as steel collets.

best rotary tools to choose

What is a rotary tool?

A rotary tool is a power tool used for a wide range of applications, such as cutting, polishing, grinding, honing and lapping of various materials. It can also be used for carving, engraving and routing.

Unlike other tools that can only be used to cut or drill a certain type of material, Rotary tools are appreciated for their versatility. This portable power tool can be used on metal, glass, plastic, wood and many other materials.

One question that has probably been bothering you for some time now is why it is called "Dremel" when other brands have produced their own rotary tools.

Vous savez sans doute que Dremel est une société américaine qui conçoit et fabrique des outils électriques. L’homme derrière cette entreprise – et le premier outil rotatif – est l’immigrant autrichien et inventeur prolifique, Albert J. Dremel.

En 1935, il a conçu un outil électrique portatif qui pouvait tourner à grande vitesse. De plus, il disposait d’accessoires amovibles qui pouvaient meuler, sculpter, polir et couper différents matériaux.

Pendant de nombreuses années, Dremel a dominé le marché et a été le leader incontesté en matière d’outils rotatifs. L’entreprise et le produit sont devenus si liés que les outils rotatifs ont été génériquement baptisés « Dremel ».

Aujourd’hui encore, de nombreuses personnes appellent l’outil électrique « Dremel », même s’il est fabriqué par WEN, Makita ou Black & Decker.

How does a rotary tool work?

As the name implies, the spindle is the part of the rotary tool that turns. It is connected to the tool's motor, as well as the tool's collet and collet nut.

The rotary tool has an on/off switch that is usually located on the bottom of the power tool. The speed control is located on the top of the power tool for easy access.

Use of rotary tools

All these uses are made possible by its interchangeable attachments and adapters. It can be used for grinding, cutting, carving and engraving. It can also be used for drilling, sanding, polishing and cleaning.

Accessories and adapters

This includes accessories such as sanding discs, sanding belts and flap wheels. Other accessories that fall under this application also include detail abrasive brushes, finishing abrasives and carbide shaping wheels.

Cleaning and polishing
Clean or polish your part with the rubber polishing tip, bristle brush, carbon steel brushes and stainless steel brushes.

Some units are also equipped with brass brushes, nylon brushes, felt polishing wheels and polishing cloths. Others are equipped with impregnated wheels and polishing paste.

Cutting wheels
This includes regular and fiberglass reinforced cutting wheels, carbide cutting wheels and diamond wheels. You can also purchase crosscutting blades and cutting bits for your rotary tool.

Grinding and sharpening
Grinding wheels, discs and sharpening stones are sometimes included in the package. They are made of aluminum oxide or silicon carbide.

Some models are equipped with a chainsaw, sharpening stones and finishing abrasive points.

Sculpture and engraving
You can engrave or carve designs on wood or glass with matching rotary tools. These include high-speed cutters, engraving cutters and diamond wheel tips. Tungsten carbide burs and carbide burs with structured teeth are also available.

top 7 best rotary tools choose

Some rotary tools have bit sets and glass bits.

You can also use a rotary tool for milling. Some rotary tools come with an assortment of milling accessories, including straight tools, V-groove tools, chamfer tools, corner rounding tools, etc.

Other accessories and adapters
When you buy a rotary tool, you also get chucks, a Dremel chuck, a chuck nut kit and a dressing stone.

Keep in mind that not all accessories are included depending on the make and model of rotary tool. They may be sold separately, but the good news is that they are easy to find at your local hardware store or online.

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How to use a power tool safely?

  1. Always read your product manual before using your rotary tool.
  2. Make sure your workshop is clean, well lit and ventilated.
  3. Do not use your rotary tool in an area where flammable gases or liquids are stored. Keep your work area free of dust.
  4. Rotary tools produce dust and sparks that can damage your eyesight. Invest in a good pair of safety glasses to protect your eyes from dust, sparks or even shrapnel. Also wear a dust mask to protect your nose, throat and lungs.
  5. Inspect your tool, accessories and attachments before using your rotary tool. Never use cracked or damaged accessories to avoid accidents or injury.
  6. You may see many people engraving or carving a piece with one hand and holding the rotary tool with the other. Keep in mind, however, that this is not safe. Always use a clamp or vise to secure your piece to the table.
  7. Be careful and hold the tool firmly with both hands to prevent it from bouncing or catching.
  8. Turn off your rotary tool and wait for the wheel to come to a complete stop before placing it on your table or workbench.


I hope you enjoyed our review of the best rotary tools.

And the best rotary tool for me is still the Dremel 4300-5/40 high performance rotary tool kit. Its motor performance is impressive, and it's one of the most reliable rotary tools on the list.

Le réglage va de 5 000 à 35 000 tours/minute, ce qui vous permet de contrôler l’outil au maximum, que vous coupiez un morceau de tuyau ou graviez une Å“uvre d’art sur du verre.

Il est également équipé d’une lumière pivotante qui éclaire les recoins les plus étroits de votre pièce. Le nombre d’accessoires et de pièces jointes est également impressionnant.

L’étui rigide et la boîte en plastique durables permettent de garder votre outil Dremel, vos accessoires et vos pièces jointes en place.



Experienced handyman, I had the pleasure to build myself my last 2 houses. But my real passion is to create, modify or give life to all the objects that decorate my home. That's why I'm sharing my experience with the intensive use of Dremel tools. They are indispensable to me and I use them every day 😀

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