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dremel 8220 rotary tool

A rotary tool is one of those power tools that every DIYer who likes to do projects should have. But it's also essential to make sure you always choose a high quality tool like the Dremel 8220. With this cordless rotary tool, you can do everything from carving to polishing, as it comes with accessories for various applications.

The Dremel 8220 is also quite powerful and can be used at varying speeds, making it a very practical rotary tool. But before you decide to buy one, it's important to know the features that distinguish it from other Dremel rotary tools and other brands on the market.

Dremel 8220 Cordless : SES Characteristics

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DREMEL 8220 What power for this rotary tool?

This rotary tool is one of the most powerful on the market, and has enough power for most jobs around the house. It runs on a heavy-duty motor that allows it to run 28 different attachments. Plus, it's compatible with all Dremel attachments and will get through all your projects faster than most others on the market. The impressive strength of this unit helps ensure maximum performance at any speed setting.

Speed of the dremel 8220

The Dremel 8220 rotary tool is a variable speed model, which makes it suitable for many applications. It can operate at speeds ranging from 5,000 to 35,000 rpm, which guarantees you maximum precision and control in your projects.

Plus, the variable speeds are easy to adjust with a speed control switch. Best of all, the Dremel 8220 doesn't lose the memory of your speed setting even when you turn it off. So you always get perfect speed every time you use it.


This rotary tool works with a lithium-ion battery that provides up to 33% more operating time. Its charging time is between 1 and 3 hours, which guarantees minimal downtime.

Plus, this tool comes with two battery packs. If you keep them all charged, then you won't have any downtime. Dremel provides a charger for this rotary tool.

Ease of use of the wireless dremel 8220

Despite its capabilities and comprehensive features, The Dremel 8220 rotary tool is one of the easiest to use. You don't need to make multiple settings because it's ready to use. Once you start using it, things will also be very easy for you because it doesn't have many buttons. The only options are separate on/off switches and the one that is used to control the speed.

Changing accessories or adapters will not require much effort or time either, as it is also very easy. The Dremel 8220 is equipped with an EZ Twist wrench for quick accessory changes. Plus, The 360 degree grip area allows for easy control from any position.


Portability is always an issue with many rotary tools because they are connected to the power supply with an electrical cord, unlike this cordless Dremel 8220. The compact size and light weight of the Dremel 8220 make it a very portable tool. This tool weighs only 1.6 kg.

Other features

Cet Dremel rotary tool possède un corps composite qui le rend très durable et protège les composants électroniques contre les dommages causés par des chutes accidentelles. De plus, il est équipé d’un roulement à froid qui assure un fonctionnement silencieux et sans à-coups.

Moreover, Dremel guarantees this model for 2 years.

  • Powerful at full load
  • Variable speed from 5,000 to 35,000 rpm
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Compatible with all Dremel accessories
  • 2-year Dremel warranty
  • The battery discharges quite quickly when used on dense work
  • Some accessories require additional attachments
Battery voltage12,0 V
Battery capacity2.0 Ah
Charging time1 h
Weight0.660 kg
Length25 cm
Width4.5 cm
Depth6.5 cm
No speed under load5.000 35.000 rpm
Battery technologyLithium-Ion / ECP
Speed adjustmentFully variable
Quick accessory change systemEZ Twist
Sound power level83.5 dB(A)
Vibrations11.8 m/s².

DREMEL 8220 : All Accessories

The Dremel 8220 is a rotary tool that comes with 28 accessories, but its design and size allow it to accommodate almost any other Dremel accessory. Here are some of the accessories/attachments that come with this rotary tool:

  • For cutting, this rotary tool comes with the 561 cutting bit for versatile use, the 426 1 1/4 inch fiberglass reinforced cutting wheel and the EZ456 1 1/2 inch cutting wheel.
  • Dremel also provides accessories for grinding and sharpening that include the 541 (aluminum oxide) wheel.
  • The Dremel 8220 is also an excellent tool for cleaning and polishing, thanks to the many accessories that include the three small 414 felt wheels and the four 425 polishing wheels (emery).
  • If you want to do some sanding, this is also the right rotary tool for you because it has accessories for that. These accessories include the 407 1/2 inch 60 grit sanding drum and the 408 1/2 inch sanding belt.

What projects can I do with the Dremel 8220?

The Dremel 8220 rotary tool is a versatile model that you can use for a wide variety of projects. However, its main uses or applications are as follows:

Sculpture and engraving

If you want to finalize a project with an engraving or if you want to carve this tool will always come in handy. Dremel provides several accessories for these purposes. You can use the tungsten cutters to remove dense materials and smooth them, while the high-speed attachments will be the ideal choice for digging, grooving and shaping.

Dremel 8220 cordless wood carver and sander

Grinding, sharpening and sanding

The Dremel 8220 allows you to restore your objects and furniture by removing rust with the grinding or sharpening attachments and polishing them with the sanding attachments. This rotary tool also comes with silicon carbide stones that help you work on non-ferrous materials such as ceramic, glass and stone.


Whether you want to cut ceramic, concrete, porcelain, brick, hard epoxy, metal or wood, this is the perfect tool for you. Thanks to its versatility, this rotary tool can saw through almost any type of material. Plus, Dremel offers different accessories to cut a wide variety of materials.

Cleaning and polishing with the dremel 8220

With the Dremel 8220, you can make your objects shine or give them a new look with little effort. To do this, it comes with polishing and cleaning accessories that will be very useful for both dense materials and small deburring jobs.

buy dremel 8220 wireless, WHAT IS ITS PRICE?

The Dremel 8220 easily replaces many tools in your workshop: saw, drill or sander. In addition, its power, portability and build quality ensure that you can work for a long time and for all your projects.

If you are a regular handyman, don't hesitate to invest in this Dremel 8220 for a little more than 100€. for the light version or more if you want to buy the version with many accessories.

Dremel 8220 sans fil : Conclusion du test en May 2023

Rotary tools are always handy tools to have around the house, and that's even more true if you have a multipurpose one like the Dremel 8220. You can use this fantastic tool for everything from cutting and sharpening different materials to polishing and cleaning for the success of all your projects.

In addition to its versatility, this rotary tool is also very powerful and allows you to use it at a wide range of speeds. And with a 12-volt battery that lasts longer than most and charges quickly, you can work with minimal downtime, which makes it an excellent choice for amateurs and professionals.

DREMEL 8220: frequently asked questions

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