[REVIEW] Dremel 4000, 8220 or 3000: Which is the best tool?


Every good handyman needs a rotary tool in its toolbox as a Dremel rotary tool at its side.

They are flexible and versatile tools that are specifically intended to be used for small tasks but frankly, they get used all the time.

Without them, it would be more difficult to guarantee the accuracy of the work. A bon outil rotatif permet de couper, de poncer, de polir et de meuler presque toutes les surfaces, whether it's metal work or highly precise artistic tasks such as model trains and other small projects.

There are different rotary tools on the market, but these three Dremel 3000, 4300 and 8220 tools are distinguished by their high quality, technical competence and ease of use.

Dremel 4300 Rotary Tool

The Dremel 4300 rotary tool comes with a three-jaw chuck. This three-jaw chuck allows for accessory changes that give this rotary tool an advantage over its competitors in the market.

The three-jaw chuck also accepts all sizes of attachment shanks. You won't need to use a wrench to change attachments, so you don't have to waste time changing each time you work.

The Dremel 4300 is equipped with a pivot lamp that ensures a clear and bright line of sight to each project.

It is also equipped with a high quality engine which has an electronic feedback circuit as well as an integrated variable speed.

It also has an airflow system that provides great functionality. Finally, its ergonomic design and comfortable grip reduce fatigue and promote ease of use.

  • Three-jaw chuck
  • 9 adapters included
  • 64 accessories
  • Comfortable grip

Dremel 8220 cordless rotary tool

The Dremel 8220 has an improved motor and an amazing feature: a cordless design. No, not all Dremels are cordless! And while this model is battery operated, all existing Dremel accessories are compatible with this Dremel tool. This ensures that this tool can perform a wide range of actions and can be used for various functions involving other Dremel accessories.

The Dremel 8220 rotary tool features a smooth, ergonomic design and a comfortable handle that reduces user fatigue. The Dremel 8220 is powered by a 12V lithium-ion battery. It also has a better run time than the Dremel 8200 rotary tool (the previous model in the series), by at least 33 %.

The cordless Dremel 8220 is sold in two different kits, so be careful before you click the "buy" button. The regular kit includes 28 accessories with a battery and charger. The enhanced kit adds a second accessory and a second battery. Both are sold with a 2-year warranty.

  • Compatible with all Dremel accessories
  • Powered by a 12VMAX lithium-ion battery
  • Ergonomic design with comfort grip

A word about the Dremel 8220 compared to the Dremel 8200

As mentioned above, A big difference is the extended battery life of the 8220. That means about a third more runtime when you're doing a common but relatively intensive task, like cutting nails or screws. The Dremel 8220 features a newer motor design that offers more power and greater efficiency when operating.

Dremel 3000 rotary tool

The Dremel 3000 is equipped with its own EZ twist adapter. This tip as a built-in wrench, which means you won't have to search for a separate wrench when you want to change accessories. The Dremel 3000 also features a better designed fan than previous models. This improved fan design, combined with the addition of side fans, allows for better performance over longer periods.

You'll be able to use the Dremel 3000 rotary tool for much longer than with previous models and with little to no risk of overheating. It also features a symmetrical exterior design that has been visualized to provide a better and more comfortable grip.

When combined with the various accessories that the Dremel 3000 is compatible with, it can become a powerful tool used for cutting, polishing, grinding and various other applications.

  • The EZ Twist tip acts as a built-in wrench
  • Improved fan design for better endurance
  • Symmetrical design with comfort grip


Experienced handyman, I had the pleasure to build myself my last 2 houses. But my real passion is to create, modify or give life to all the objects that decorate my home. That's why I'm sharing my experience with the intensive use of Dremel tools. They are indispensable to me and I use them every day 😀

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