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scroll saw dremel review ms20

If you often have things to tinker with, there is no doubt thata scroll saw will be useful for one of your jobs. This tool is used to cut thin pieces of wood and is very practical.

Today we present the Dremel scroll saw which is one of the most popular models on the market. Powerful and easy to usethis scroll saw is a good choice for those who are looking for a reliable and above all efficient tool.

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Dremel Moto Saw MS20

Practical and handy saw, its portable use allows you to make cuts wherever you want. Quick blade change without tools.

Manufacturing quality

Description of the scroll saw dremel moto saw ms20

The Dremel scroll saw has the particularity of being compact and practical. These characteristics give it the ability to make precision cuts on various materials. Equipped with a wide range of saw blades, the Dremel scroll saw can be used on different surfaces, objects and materials (wood, metal, PVC, non-ferrous metals...).

In addition, it is a detachable cutting saw that allows its user toIt can be used both in a stationary and portable position. While it is especially easy to store and set up, the Dremel scroll saw is also very easy to use.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you will have no trouble using this saw which adapts to all tasks that you will have to make. Of all the saws on the market, this Dremel saw is the most manageable.

The Dremel scroll saw is delivered in a box containing the following accessories:

  • Dremel Moto-Saw ;
  • 1 precision metal saw blade;
  • 2 precision saw blades for wood (MS51) ;
  • 2 precision saw blades for wood (MS52) ;
  • Instructions for use;
  • Adaptation for parallel guide ;
  • 1 transport and storage box included.

The blades of the Dremel scroll saw play different roles. In fact, the MS51 wood blades promote a standard cut. The pair of precision wood saw blades MS51 has a dimension of 0.4 mm and is used to make a straight cut in wood up to 18 mm thick.

As for the MS52 pair of blades, it is mainly used on wood with a thickness below 13 mm. With it, a beautiful curvature can be achieved according to the creativity and inspiration of the user of the Dremel scroll saw.

Finally, the precision metal blade is used for cutting thin metals up to 3 mm such as sheet metal and many others.

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Features of the Dremel scroll saw

The American manufacturer Dremel has made a great effort to create a powerful and resistant tool like this saw. When you take a look at the data sheet of the Dremel scroll saw, you get an idea of its high quality. Very economical, it has a total power of 70 watts.

As for the output voltage, it varies between 220 and 240 V. Equipped with a fairly powerful variable speed drive, The motor of the Dremel scroll saw can perform a rotation speed ranging from 1500 to 2250 rpm.

Here is an overview of the technical features of the Dremel scroll saw:

Nominal power consumption70 W
Output voltage220 - 240 V
Weight of the scroll saw1,10 kg
Length40 cm
Width21 cm
Depth of the saw37 cm
Depth of cut18 cm
No speed under load1,500 - 2,250 rpm
Sound pressure level77.3 dB (A)
Sound power88.3 dB (A)
Vibrations2.5 m/s².
Speed adjustmentvariable
Accessory changing systemquick change lever

In addition, the Dremel scroll saw is equipped with a removable cord, a drip control and a precision tip.

dremel scroll saw set ms20

Presentation of the contents of the box

  1. The Dremel scroll saw has its own solid carrying caseThis ensures that the parts, accessories, blades and manual will remain organized and secure.
  2. The case has a storage space for the bladesThis is to ensure that the saw is not damaged or bent by any part of the saw.
  1. The Dremel saw has two modes: benchtop or handheld. In benchtop mode, you can attach a vacuum adapter to the base of the saw to limit dust and mess.
  1. The clamps that hold the base of the saw to the table when the saw is in bench mode have swivel ends to ensure a firm and secure grip, even if your tabletop is not perfectly flat.
  2. When you're done using it, the Dremel saw is easy to disassemble and store. Because each part can be removed, it can be quickly cleaned with a dry or damp cloth before being placed in its carrying case.
  1. If you can't fix your work on the table, you can use your saw directly. When removed from its base, the Dremel saw becomes a motorized hand saw.

Features of the dremel scroll saw

The manufacturer Dremel has equipped its scroll saw with several intuitive and interesting features. These features make it much easier to use the tool, which can be used by beginners as well as more experienced people.

Speed variation

The Dremel scroll saw is equipped with a very practical and useful variable speed feature. In fact, the variable speed drive on the tool allows the power of the motor to be adapted to the materials or elements to be cut.

Thus, the Dremel scroll saw can make multiple cuts such as wood parts, metal, laminate or PVC. To adapt the cutting speed of the saw to the material, simply operate the 6-position speed control on the handle of the unit.

characteristic scroll saw dremel

Two grip modes to choose from

There are two different grip modes on the Dremel scroll saw. These two grips are suitable for various jobs, and the user of the device can choose the ideal mode before starting.

The first possible mode of use is the stand-on mode. This mode is necessary for making precise length cuts. The second mode, holding the tool with one hand, is effective for doing work on furniture or tables that are larger than the tool base.

The two operating modes of the Dremel scroll saw allow for proper cutting of materials. In the stationary mode, the piece of wood, metal or PVC glides easily on the support, and the cutting proceeds without any obstacles. For one-handed use, the device is quite light, so the cutting is quick and without much effort.

scroll saw dremel change blade

blade change

It is possible to change the blade of the Dremel scroll saw at any time. This operation is easy to use thanks to the ergonomic lever placed on the motor part.

To insert a new blade, the bottom of the blade is inserted into the hole in the base. To insert a new one, the lower part of the blade is installed in the hole of the base. Then, it will be necessary to check that it is well positioned between the two stops.

To complete the installation of the new blade, place it under the engine cover and pull back on the lever to secure the blade.

  • Variable speed control
  • Easily adaptable to the thickness of the material
  • Portable and compact
  • Can be used in stationary or portable mode
  • Comes with 4 blades for use upon purchase
  • Limited performance for cuts over 20cm
  • Quite high vibration at maximum speed or when cutting very hard materials

Scroll saw dremel : What are its uses ?

The Dremel scroll saw is mainly used for to carry out high precision cutting work. With this saw, you can design decorative objects or make various toys of your choice. Equipped with several shapes or types of cutting blades, the Dremel scroll saw can help you cut fine metal, plastic and other materials such as PVC pipe and laminate.

For each cut of different materials, a specific blade is available. Thus, there are blades to work only on wood and others whose use is only suitable for metals.

The special feature of this saw is that it allows you to do very sharp and precise cutting operations. However, there are a few things you need to do to make the best use of the Dremel scroll saw.

  • First, before using the Dremel saw, you must draw the patterns or lines to be cut on the material (wood, metal, PVC ...). Then, to perform cutting operations in the center of a line, the user must make a hole in the passage of the line in order to properly insert the scroll saw blade.
  • When the blade entrance is drilled, place the blade in the hole, while making sure to secure it in the Dremel saw's base stand. Finally, you will need to wedge the top tip of the unit onto the top base. After the clamp is set, the cutting of the materials can begin.
  • Nevertheless, if you have trouble using the Dremel scroll saw, you have the opportunity to learn more in the user manual contained in the box. The operation and use of the tool is detailed in this manual, which you can also download from the Dremel website.
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What price for the Dremel scroll saw?

The Dremel MS20 scroll saw is unbeatable in terms of price. This is probably the cheapest scroll saw available. This low price does not mean that the features are bad or non-existent. It has comprehensive and useful features, such as a variable speed control, for example.

It's certainly not the most complete in terms of power, versatility and accuracy - but it also costs a lot less. We think this entry-level model is an excellent scroll saw for beginners at a very affordable price.

scroll saw dremel review

dremel scroll saw : Conclusion

The Dremel scroll saw is a reliable and high performance tool. Easy to use thanks to its ingenious features, it allows you to perform high quality cutting work. Very precise in its work, this device is a reliable ally for DIY enthusiasts and professionals who make cuts on wood, metal or PVC.

In addition, the Dremel scroll saw's good grip makes it a tool accessible to everyone. Thanks to its weight of less than 2 kg and its compact dimensions, this saw is not cumbersome or difficult to handle.

On the other hand, the Dremel scroll saw has a more or less noisy motor. This aspect, which in no way impinges on the quality of the tool, may nevertheless bother people who do not appreciate machines that make noise.



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