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dremel dsm20 compact saw review

The dsm20 compact saw from Dremel is a compact and highly advanced plunge-cut circular saw. It is equipped with abrasive discs and a powerful motor.

This ergonomic machine allows you to easily accomplish clean cuts thanks to its good field of vision. This clear field allows straight, plunge or even flush cuts on many different materials. Their thickness can vary up to 20 mm.

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Dremel DSM20 compact circular saw

An excellent tool for cutting a wide variety of materials up to 20mm thick. Versatile, fast, easy to use, accurate, smooth and clean operation. You will also like it.

Manufacturing quality

Description of the dremel dsm20 circular saw

The dsm20 is composed of a kit of three adapters that further enhance its cutting capabilities. Its cutting guide makes quick, clean sections (cuts) in raw wood.

The side fence on the unit makes it easy to saw parallel to the edge of any material. The Dremel dsm20 can be equipped with an impressive number of sanding discs (no dangerous teeth).

The latter can be combined with the suction connection of the deviceIt is also very handy for tiling, plastic and stoneware. It is also very practical when it comes to tiles, plastic and stoneware. The Dremel dsm20 is a very efficient and robust sawing solution. The device has clear angles, which allows for a sufficiently wide field of view on a work surface.

On the technical side, you will notice that the main cutting guide offers a dimension of 37 x 86 mm. The accomplished and sturdy design of the shell represents very well the characteristics of this tool. It is really a well-balanced and compact tool.

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Features and functions of the dremel dsm20

Type of sawCircular and plunging
Detail of the bladesØ 140 mm
Disk size80 mm
Cutting height20 mm
Support providedNo
Compatible surfaceMultimaterials
Type of power supplyElectric
Speed of rotation17,000 rpm
Power710 W
Voltage230 V
Supplied accessories52
Noise level108 dB
Materials workedWood, Metal, Composite materials
Dimensions and weight100 x 392 x 266 cm
Weight2 kg

Contents of the kit dsm20 saw, metal cutting disc, parallel cutting guide, vacuum adapter, wood cutting disc, allen wrench, user's manual and storage case

A powerful engine

The saw has a power motor 710 watts. This handy machine can be used for many types of work and is very clean. The dsm20 weighs only 2 kg with a length of about 33 cm. The compactness of the device makes it very practical. With only one hand, you can enjoy total control of the tool without any trouble.

This power combined with a speed capable of going up to 17,000 rpm makes the saw particularly competitive with other models. The Dremel compact circular saw dsm20 is an excellent tool to tackle different materials: such as metal, plaster, wood, tiles, plastic and even concrete.

High precision

Dremel has decided not to include serrated blades in this tool. This ensures greater tool accuracy in the cutting process. These discs nevertheless have a diameter of 77 mm, which is well within the standard norms. They allow for very clean cuts, but on the other hand they dull quickly. You can fit different types of blades on a device of this kind.

The power is a factor of choice that determines the versatility of the tool. For the dsm20, the brand did not skimp on this important point. The compact saw is equipped with a vacuum connection. Thanks to this device, the working environment remains clean, no matter how hard you work. It avoids dust, chips and other residues which sometimes distort the cuts.

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Large cutting depth

In addition, it should be noted that the Dremel dsm20 has a fairly comfortable cutting thickness.

Le changement de disque est plutôt simplifié avec cette circular saw. La machine dispose d’un bouton particulier qu’il est possible d’atteindre facilement. Ce dernier se charge spécifiquement de bloquer la broche. Que ce soit donc pour effectuer le serrage ou libérer un disque, il n’y a plus qu’à utiliser la clé allen fournie.

Presentation of the dremel dsm20 saw : Video

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DREMEL DSM20: Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages of the Dremel dsm20 are numerous:

  • The device is supplied with an impressive number of accessories;
  • Neck heightpe is adjustable between 0 and 20 mm thanks to an easy access lever. It gives the possibility to cut earthenware, bricks, wall and floor tiles, sandstone, marble by using the adapted disc;
  • This compact plunge saw is equipped with Dremel dsm20 abrasive technology (without teeth). It offers excellent visibility of the cutting line, up to 20 mm in various materials;
  • The saw is extrIt is extremely powerful (like a mini circular saw) thanks to a robust 710 W motor and its 17,000 rpm rotation. It is nevertheless secured with a lockable safety switch;
  • The Dremel warranty: 2 years free. (The machine is to be sent to the Bosch/Dremel service department directly for expertise and then repaired in the workshop)

However, the device has a few drawbacks:

  • It is necessary to be vigilant during the first uses. It is strongly recommended to hold the handle firmly before starting the unit. The starting torque can be surprising;
  • The abrasive discs are damaged rather quickly compared to the classic blades;
  • Straight, plunge and flush cuts (wood, metal, tile, plastic and masonry)
  • Clean and neat work
  • Clear field of view
  • Powerful engine
  • Abrasive discs can wear out quickly depending on use

What are the uses of the Dremel DSM20 circular saw?

Security measures

Before using the Dremel dsm20, it is important to follow some basic safety rules. The intended work area must therefore be sufficiently clean, well ventilated and well lit. Accidents usually occur in cluttered or dark areas. It is important to ensure that power tools are not operated in an explosive environment.

This recommendation mainly concerns flammable substances (liquids, gases or dusts). Indeed, power tools frequently emit sparks capable of igniting dust or fumes. The unit must also be positioned to ensure optimum safety for the user and to minimize exposure to the cutting disc.

Persons present should keep a safe distance from the work area. The saw is also equipped with a guard to protect the user from disc fragments and possible accidental contact with the disc. Children should also be kept at a safe distance while operating a power tool.

Similarly, distractions should be avoided, as they can lead to loss of control of the tool. The protective cover supplied with the unit must be firmly attached to the saw. It is recommended to use only bonded cutting discs that are reinforced or diamond coated with the dsm20.

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Use for cutting

Light pressure on the engine block allows the blade to penetrate any material. The cutting process is continued with a push. After releasing the pressure, the abrasive blade returns to its original position. This is made possible by a return spring between the base plate and the motor block. The Dremel dsm20 allows you to create cuts right in the middle of materials.

It can make transverse, longitudinal, straight and even angled cuts. Whether soft or hard materials are involved, the device can be adapted to several composite materials depending on the blade used. The device allows several different cutting angle settings. Integrated knobs on the base plate are used to tilt the motor block to the desired angle.

Several buttons allow you toto make adjustments to particular angles in order to perform precise operations (for carpenters). The guide is used to make straight cuts over longer distances. On the front and back of the housing, markers are available for setting the path.

If you need to replace a blade or any other part of the saw, the operating instructions provide all the necessary information. It is important to follow these instructions.

What price for this compact circular saw DSM20?

This compact circular saw from Dremel is an excellent little saw that can do a lot of things that a big saw can't. With its excellent build quality, two-year warranty, it has a very good price of 98 €. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a compact, yet solid and versatile saw.


The Dremel dsm20 compact circular saw offers its users a comfortable 710 Watts of power. Its working precision allows to accomplish its tasks without burrs. It is suitable for all types of activities, even the most intensive. This tool is perfect for both the novice and the experienced professional. It can be carried anywhere.

This device offers a number of advantages that make it a first choice DIY tool for various cuts. Ergonomic and easy to handleThe compact saw allows for clean and error-free work.

All customer reviews agree that the Dremel dsm20 has a good reputation and an excellent rating. It accompanies specialists in their workshops and various work sites, while remaining discreet in its carrying case.



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