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dremel router review test

Every good handyman needs a good router in his toolbox to do many small jobs.

You have browsed dozens of product sheets but still not sure which router to choose? If you are looking fora high quality and durable routerWe recommend you to follow our test of this day on the router of the American brand Dremel.

This tool once again confirms the seriousness of this manufacturer who never ceases to offer high performance and durable products on the market. Without further ado, here is our test after having scrutinized this Dremel router.

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Dremel Router

Dremel has managed to come up with a solid, versatile and easy to use tool for less than 30€. It's a great buy that will give you great results and last a long time.

Manufacturing quality

Presentation of the dremel router

The Dremel router is a working tool that transforms the Dremel multi-purpose tool into a plunge router. The latter is effective for successful removal of decorations and inlays.

Also capable of routing decorative edges, the Plunge Router is great for routing parallel to an edge. To lock or unlock the tool, the user simply turns the integrated handle.

The plunge router has two depth stops. These are useful for quick and efficient depth adjustment. It is also equipped with a lateral guide and a circular guide whose role is to allow the routing of straight lines and circles perfectly on a surface or a specific object. The guide bushings integrated in the device are used to rout out letters and patterns.

The Dremel router box contains the following accessories:

  • An adaptor in a plunge router ;
  • A circular and parallel cutting guide;
  • A mounting key;
  • A quick user's manual.

In short, the Dremel router has the perfect router profile for small milling and routing jobs. The technical and general characteristics of the Dremel router confirm all the good things we think about it.

Discover the Dremel router in Video :

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Features of the Dremel Router

Technical characteristics of the tool Dremel router allow it to provide high quality services:

Working length70.0 mm
Length22 cm
Depth18 cm
Power240 Watts
Weight1,16 kg

As far as general features are concerned, here is an overview:

  • Compatible with all muti-function toolss from the manufacturer Dremel (Dremel 4000, Dremel 8220,…)
  • Can be used with Dremel cutters 612, 615, 640, 650, 652, 654 and 655 for shaping, grooving, chamfering, routing, arrasing or embedding in plastics or wood;
  • Quick setting up to 18 mm deep with the two integrated stops and the locking/unlocking handle;
  • Includes 2 rings and a flat key.
dremel router kit review

dremel router : Handling

The least we can say is that the American manufacturer has not skimped on features a tool that is efficient for small ripping jobs.

At first, the Dremel router is equipped with a locking handle. This important and practical accessory allows the tool to be locked and unlocked with ease and simplicity.

In addition, depth adjustment is a breeze with the two depth stops on the tool. The circular and parallel cutting guides make it easy to cut perfect circles and straight cuts.

Par ailleurs, la base transparente de la défonceuse permet aux utilisateurs de have a perfect visibility of the workpiece. This makes it possible to carry out work with maximum precision. Also, don't forget the side guide and the circular guide, which have the particularity of generating excellent circles and breaking straight lines.

Finally, The Dremel router tool is equipped with several guide bushings. These are effective and useful for smashing patterns or letters with ease.

dremel router accessory review

Advantages / Disadvantages

The Dremel router has several advantages, but also some disadvantages. Here is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages we found on the tool during our various tests:

The advantages of the Dremel router

Judging by its price, theDremel router adapter has great advantages. First of all, it is the perfect tool to use for any kind of small ripping job. It is especially easy and convenient to use. The integrated accessories have specific roles and work wonderfully. Even if the tool is not initially a drill pressit allows to use it as such, sinceit is perfect for vertical drilling.

Secondly, the Dremel router has a very high manufacturing quality and finish. The tool is durable and is designed for long-term use. Robustness levelthere is a very good chance that the défonceuse Dremel est l’une des meilleures en l’état actuel du marché.

En bref, cet outil est un compromis pour transformer votre Dremel multi-fonctions en une défonceuse plongeante qui performe sur les petits projets ou travaux de défonçage. En plus de pouvoir réaliser des bords incurvés, il vous permettra de faire des rainures droites ou de commencer au centre d’une pièce de bois pour the realization of inlay work.

The disadvantages of the Dremel router

It is sometimes difficult to have a clear view of a design when milling or routing with the tool. Also, the plastic structure of the router is not reassuring. We would have preferred an all-metal structure for more solidity and reliability. However, this detail does not affect the stability of the tool, which impresses particularly with its very resistant plastic.

On the other hand, since the tool is recommended for small jobs, using it on solid or overly hard woods would significantly reduce its performance. The Dremel router's favorite playground is plywood and softwoods.

  • A versatile router for less than 30€.
  • Easy twist lock handle for quick locking
  • Transparent stand for a clear view of the work area
  • Does not offer all the features of a conventional router

dremel router : what it can be used for

The Dremel Router is a perfect tool for working on relatively soft wood. However, you must know how to use it properly to get the most out of it.

Dremel router: for which uses?

The Dremel router allows you to transform the multi-function tool as a plunge router for many jobs. It provides precision, stability and control on all small to medium-sized routing and milling jobs.

Using wood, for example, you can quickly make curved edges, straight cuts, keyholes or inlays with the plunge router.

The work is carried out in optimal conditions thanks to its transparent plastic base. The latter allows you to have a clear and unobstructed view.

In addition, the transparent tool base does not leave any kind of marks on the material being worked on. In addition, thanks to the milling depth lock function, you will be able to make regular, identical or conforming cuts.

dremel 4000 router review

How to use the Dremel router?

The ripper Dremel est simple et facile à utiliser. Pour commencer, il suffit de monter l’accessoire de défonçage sur l’outil multi-usage Dremel. Ensuite, resserrez les vis de l’adaptation défonceuse plongeante en vous servant de la clé contenue dans le coffret.

Adjust the recommended rotation speed on the rotary tool. Then let the router work. You just have to move it slowly through the wood to avoid burning the material.

To get off to a smooth start, plunge your attachment into the material, letting it slide gradually into the workpiece. From this point on, proceed to guide the router along the workpiece by holding the handles with both hands.

You have the possibility to blocking the plunge router at a very precise routing depth or leave the tool unlocked to work at the depths you want.

To obtain good results, we advise you to carry out the ripping in several successive steps. This technique is effective in achieving the desired depth. If you want to mill perfect circles or straight cuts, Use the circular and parallel cutting guide that comes in the box.

Become a ripping expert with Dremel:

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If you want to tinker like a pro, The Dremel router is a tool you can't live without. Whether it is for small milling or ripping jobs, this tool will be your faithful ally.

It presents an excellent quality-price ratio which will benefit all those who adopt it.

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