How to use the dremel router in 5 steps?

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Dremel rotary tools are versatile tools that can do just about anything if you have the right attachment. Besides drilling, sawing, planing and sharpening tools, This Dremel tool can also be used as a router.

How to use your Dremel Router

Step 1

Assemble your Dremel rotary tool with theDremel router accessory. First, insert the cutter or other accessory of your choice into the end of the tool. Place the rotary tool Dremel in Router AttachmentWith the end of the cord/battery facing up. The shaft lock button should face forward.

Step 2

Place the mounting nut of the router mounting kit on the end of the rotary tool. Due to the limited space inside the router, you will need to screw it in by hand first, then tighten it with the wrench provided in the kit.

Step 3

Set the depth of cut by placing the router on the workpiece you are working on. Find the adjustment nut near the handle. Turn both the upper and lower adjusting nuts as necessary to achieve the required depth. Turn the handle until it loosens, the cutter should touch the workpiece.

Step 4

Press and hold the release button so that the depth stop touches the base of the router. Turn on the router. Turn the depth stop upward to match the required depth measurement.

Step 5

Repeat after each cut.

Video: How to use the Dremel router like a Pro?

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How to adjust the cutting depth of the Dremel router?

To change the depth of your cutIf you have a large workpiece, simply place your plunge router directly on the workpiece you plan to process. Then look for the adjusting nuts. You can see them easily. They are located near the handle. Be sure to turn them both - the top nut and the bottom nut.

Turn them until you reach the desired depth. After that, return to the handle. Turn it to loosen it. You have correctly positioned when the router touches your room. Your next task is to access the unlock button. Push it down. Then hold it. This should allow the depth stop to reach the base of the router.

Finally, you can return to the depth stop. Turn it until you reach the desired depth. You can repeat the previous steps in order to work on several depths to realize your project.



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