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dremel 7020 animal claw file

Dremel is an American manufacturer of power tools and accessories for DIY and hobbies. Offering mainly rotary tools and non-rotating tools, the company has recently expanded its product line to include gas-fired products, portable saws, oscillating and stationary tools.

One of its innovations, the Dremel 7020, is a claw file which is used to easily and safely cut dog nails in your home. Find out more about this professional tool for home use.

presentation of the dremel claw file for pets

For a good hygiene of your dog, it is important to regularly trim their claws. The Dremel 7020 is a file that makes this task easy and efficient. Filing is done gradually at a 45 degree angle so that the tool is always under control. The tool is equipped with a claw guard to prevent bleeding from a short cut.

This tool allows you to file more gently with less risk than with a classic claw trimmer. The silent motor of the device avoids that the operation carried out disturbs and stresses your dog. The protective cover above the tool protects all rotating parts for added safety. It makes filing a pleasure for both the dog and yourself.

The Dremel 7020 has a transparent claw guide that takes care of recover the dust from the filing process to keep the environment clean. Vous pouvez utiliser le coffret lime-griffes de Dremel 7020 pour entretenir les griffes de votre chien sans aucune répercussion. Le coffret inclut des disques de ponçage interchangeables.

The whole allows you to file dogs' nails quickly and safely. It offers professional results while allowing you to perform this treatment at home. This ergonomic and easy to use tool is really a very convenient and practical accessory to handle.

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Features of the dremel 7020 claw file

Battery voltage6,0 V
Weight0,270 kg
Length20 cm
Width4,5 cm
Battery1 lithium-ion
Type of power supplybattery
Power4.2 watt-hours
Depth4,5 cm
No speed under load7,000 - 18,000 rpm
Quick accessory change systemNo
Packaging dimensions (L x W x H)21 x 11.3 x 6.9 cm
Manufacturer's warranty2 years

The kit contains the following items:

  • Claw file
  • Disc holder S402
  • Paw rest accessory,
  • 4 SD60-PGA disks
  • instructions for use

Features of the dremel 7020 pet claw file

The tool's claw guard accessory makes it impossible for your dog's paw to come in contact with the rotating parts. This guarantees a high level of safety in the use of the device. In addition, the cordless tool gives you a lot of freedom of movement. This is true even if the animal is not quiet.

Thanks to the footrest system, you are sure to file to the right length. Simple, practical and effective, the 45-degree paw guide allows the claws to be filed at the ideal angle without bleeding and without risk of touching the nerve. The protective cover over the rotating disc makes the tool silent so as not to scare the animal.

Better than a claw cutter, this tool is also used to file the claws of cats. It has two speed settings and is battery powered for easy handling, even when the animal does not want to stay still. The transparent protection prevents their hair from clinging and thus promotes the proper functioning of the device.

Uses of the dremel 7020 cat and dog nail file

Several accessories are included in the set for ease of use. In particular, you'll have the EZ SpeedClic chuck, which is a quick, keyless, easy-to-use device. You'll also find four easy-to-change sanding discs.

This cordless electric nail grinder essentially cuts your pets' nails gently. The main advantage is that the maintenance operation can be performed where the pet feels most comfortable. By gradually sanding the nail at 45 degrees, total control is easily maintained. The process is safer and smoother than using a clipper, for example.

The said device avoids cutting the nail too short. Because animals can be alarmed by the noise of electric motors, the Dremel 7020 is designed to be as quiet as possible. This makes the experience more pleasant for the animal. In turn, the safety guard provides comfort to the user during use.

The product uses four standard AA batteries placed inside the compartment for convenience. It is ideal for all dogs and is also suitable for cats. To use it, you would have to make sure to perform a cleaning or replace the sanding disc. You should prepare the pet trimmer and adopt a comfortable position for the operation.

It is also recommended that the animal be accustomed to the electric claw trimmer and then determine how far the claw should be filed before starting. The tool should not be forced into action. It should be allowed to do its job, but make sure it follows the natural shape of the claw. Also, take short breaks during maintenance and don't forget to file the dewclaws.

Video: How to file your dog's nails with the Dremel

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This cordless electric nail grinder has an impeccable manufacturing quality. It is a powerful device with an excellent quality-price ratio. He efficiently cuts and files nails for dogs and cats. However, the length of the animal's claws should be checked after trimming to assess the workmanship.

The nails are sufficiently clipped when they no longer touch the ground. At the end of the operation, congratulate your dog by petting him for having held on throughout this stressful time. It is normal for the dog to need some time to adjust before he will generally let go without too much effort.

The Dremel 7020 is an excellent product that you can use without any problem.



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