Support de Perceuse à Colonne Dremel 220 – Avis et GUIDE – MAJ May 2023

dremel drill stand review

Whether you're doing DIY or professional work, a drill stand comes in handy. This accessory transforms a classic drill or a mini-drill into a real workshop drill.

Today, we present you the Dremel drill stand a powerful and efficient tool to perform stationary work with your Dremel rotary tool.

The Dremel Workstation allows you to drill up to 5 cm deep with total control. Moreover, thanks to its heavy metal base, the tool enjoys good stability, which will allow you to accomplish various tasks with complete peace of mind.

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Dremel Workstation 220 drill press stand

With its low cost, it turns your Dremel rotary tools into a versatile drill press for all your projects.

Manufacturing quality

Presentation of the dremel drill stand

The Workstation drill stand is a tool manufactured by the American company Dremel. With a compact and sleek design, this Dremel drill stand has a gray and blue color scheme. Thanks to its characteristics, it reveals itself as an aesthetic and original accessory. When you know the reputation of its manufacturer in the field of tools, you can't be surprised by the presence of the Dremel Workstation.

En réalité, cet Dremel tool est créé pour accommodate a multitude of tools so that they remain fixed during use. Ainsi, adapté à un rotary tool, le support Dremel permet aux bricoleurs et aux professionnels de work efficiently en vue d’obtenir un rendement optimal. Lorsqu’on y place un rotary tool, l’ensemble permet de faire de réaliser des perçages de haute précision. De même, il diminue la fatigue de son utilisateur qui n’aura pas les bras usés à cause du poids de la perceuse ou de la durée des opérations de perçage.

The Dremel drill stand has 15 degree increments for vertical drilling or drilling at a precise angle. Sa forme et sa structure permettent à l’utilisateur de tenir sa perceuse à l’horizontale pour polir ou poncer un objet ou une surface.

The Workstation is with an integrated telescopic tool to hold the drill on the flexible shaft. It also has a storage space for storing various accessories. Some useful features such as power cord storage system, depth markings and basic centimeter and inch markings provide a good use to the Dremel drill stand.

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Characteristics of the column drill stand

The reason why the Dremel drill press stand is so popular is because of its interesting technical features. Here are the features of the Dremel Workstation according to the manufacturer's official website:

Maximum stroke50 mm
Length15.2 cm
Width15.2 cm
Depth38,48 cm
Maximum tilt90 °
Weight2,38 kg

The Dremel Workstation box, contains the following items:

  • 1 Dremel drilling column
  • 1 quick start guide / manual.

All drill stands sold by the Dremel brand have a two-year warranty.

Features of the dremel drill stand

The Dremel drill stand has some very interesting features. The tool is known to ensure efficient and well done work. First, it has the ability to hold the drill in a fixed position and at different angles. To do this, the user only needs to adjust in increments of 15 degrees from the vertical to the horizontal position.

In addition, the stand has inch and centimeter markings on its base. These detailed markings ensure accuracy and easy handling of the drill stand.

Regarding the functionalities of the Dremel drill stand, we mustn't forget its ergonomic design which allows, in particular, tohave the right to an optimal work space for high quality work. A storage space is intended to accommodate some accessories. This space will allow you to avoids leaving your drill's accessories lying around all over your work area. This way, you will be more organized and you will no more time wasted searching for important accessories to perform this or that action.

Finally, the secure wire storage system is an important feature that demonstrates the high quality of the tool. Secure storage system allows for proper installation of the power cord so that you won't even notice its presence during your work.

This major feature of the Dremel drill stand is an all-risk insurance against accidents related to the breakage of the power cord when the latter is hit by the cutting tool. In short, it is a real palliative against accidents that can cause significant material and human damage.

drill press stand dremel 220

Advantages and Disadvantages

Le support de perceuse du constructeur Dremel est un outil efficace et sûr. Ces avantages donnent forcément envie de l’inscrire sur notre liste des outils indispensables. En plus, aucun inconvénient particulier n’est à signaler par rapport l’outil.

The first advantage of the Dremel drill stand is that it is multifunctional and therefore allows to do several things at the same time. Comme vous le savez déjà sans doute, le support de perceuse vous permet de transformer votre outil rotatif Dremel en un outil stationnaire. Cet outil stationnaire devient ainsi multi-usage et peut fonctionner, notamment, comme une perceuse à colonne. Grâce à cet outil, vous pouvez make clean holes like a true professional in the field.

When the adjustment screw installed behind the crank of the Dremel drill stand is operated, it can be tilted according to the desired drilling angle. In addition, the user will be able to use the tool for polishing, grinding or sanding. To do this, simply hold the drill press stand in a horizontal position.

In addition, you will have the possibility toUse your drill stand to do very complex work on any type of part. This is made possible by the telescopic tube on the tool. The telescopic tube has a hook that allows you to hang your drill at the desired height.

The second major advantage of the Dremel drill stand is that it is polyvalent et donc compatible avec la plupart des rotary tools de la marque Dremel. Voici une liste non exhaustive des outils multifonctions Dremel compatibles avec le support pour perceuse :

  • Dremel 4200;
  • Dremel 8200;
  • Dremel 8100;
  • Dremel 3000;
  • Dremel 8000;
  • Dremel 200 series ;
  • Dremel 4000 ;
  • Dremel 398/400 series;
  • Dremel 300 series;
  • Dremel 395 Multipro.
  • Vertical or inclined use up to 90°.
  • Can be used as a drill, polisher, sander...
  • No
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The Dremel drill stand is a valuable tool which will help you to do a lot of quality work. Nevertheless, you have to know how to use it to make the most of it.

Dremel drill stand: what uses?

Dremel's Workstation is a great help for do-it-yourselfers and the way they organize their workspace. The tool allows you to drill holes about 5 cm deep. In addition, the drill stand can also be used as a machine stand and is therefore used to polish or sand at any desired angle.

Le support de perceuse peut, par ailleurs, être utilisé comme support de potence. Dans ce cas, l’outil sert à suspendre la perceuse ou un accessoire multi-fonctions en toute sécurité lorsqu’un arbre flexible est utilisé. Grâce à son support de rangement, il libère une partie de l’espace de travail pour vos autres projets. On peut utiliser le bloc de rangement situé en haut de la colonne pour ranger plusieurs Dremel accessories et des petits objets utiles pour réaliser certaines tâches.

Dremel Workstation drill stand: how do I use it?

You know that with the Dremel drill press stand you can drill, polish or sand at angles up to 90 degrees.

Pour effectuer des travaux de ponçage impeccables, procédez au montage de votre outil multifonctions Dremel ainsi que de votre accessoire de ponçage à angle fixe pour une excellente finition. La fixation de l’outil multi-usage Dremel nécessite le dévissage de l’embout de l’outil. Ensuite, placez l’outil la tête la première à l’intérieur du support de fixation du support de perceuse. Pour finir, serrez correctement l’outil à l’aide de la clé fournie.

However, We advise you to read the instructions carefully before using your Dremel drill stand. The instructions for use of the tool can be downloaded for free from the official Dremel website.

Conclusion on the Dremel drill stand

The Dremel drill stand is a premium quality tool. Reliable and safe, it is practical for hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers. Thanks to its interesting features, it provides good performance for many projects.

If you're a DIY enthusiast looking for a tool to free up both hands, consider the Dremel drill stand.

This tool comes with a two-year warranty and is an excellent value. The Dremel drill stand combines ease of use, excellent design, high precision and efficient settings for the enjoyment of DIY enthusiasts.

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