Dremel Accessories: The Ultimate User's Guide

dremel accessories how to choose

The Dremel rotary tools have an infinite number of accessories and therefore of possible uses. Here is an overview of the types of accessories available and their uses in your projects.

There are many Dremel accessories that will allow you to work with metal, wood and all materials for your DIY projects.

dremel accessories for sanding

These are the most common types of wicks you will use. Almost all of your projects require sanding steps, and that's where these Dremel accessories will come in handy.

You can sand metal and wood with different accessories specially designed for these materials. You should know that there are also tips for sanding clay, plexiglass and fiberglass. Sandpapers are available in 60, 120 and 320 grit.

There are mainly 2 types of sanding bits. They are: the disc and the bands.

Disc bits are brilliant for polishing any piece of metal or wood. These abrasive bits are ideal for sanding with perfect precision. They are available in different diameters and materials.

Strip bits are larger than disc bits, and you can use them to quickly smooth out larger areas. This accessory is also useful for quick cleaning tasks.

Uses of Dremel sanding accessories
  • Sanding metal, wood and glass
  • Removing rust from metal
  • Clean stubborn marks on objects
  • Create small creative objects

Accessoires Dremel pour la coupe

The cutting accessories act almost like a mini circular saw and are used for many DIY projects.

These Dremel cutting accessories come in many sizes and types. Therefore, you can use them to perform many small-scale cutting tasks.

The number of teeth determines how well these bits cut. When they have fewer teeth, you can use them to quickly cut a large amount of material. Otherwise, a larger number of teeth provides more precise cutting capabilities. So you should select these discs based on your cutting needs.

dremel accessory cut and sand

In addition, you can use the cutting discs Dremel for wood cuttingIt can be used for cutting wood, plastic and metal. Just attach the regular bits to cut wood pieces and the fiberglass bits to process metal or aluminum.

To remove wall tile, you need to use spiral cutter bits. For cutting, saw blade bits are ideal. Joint removal bits are then perfect for removing excess and replacing broken tiles.

Uses of Dremel accessories for sawing
  • Quickly cut various fine woods
  • Cutting metal or plastic from small pipes.
  • Cutting small pieces of tile for decorative purposes
  • Remove the seal in hard-to-reach areas

Dremel accessories for cleaning and polishing

In our daily lives, cleaning plays an essential role. To simplify our lives, Dremel propose huit types d’embouts pour le nettoyage, and each nozzle can be used for different cleaning tasks.

The eight types of cleaning tips consist of five cleaning brushes, two polishing wheels and one polishing tip. Among the five brushes, you will find brass brushes that are suitable for cleaning soft metals without scratching them, such as brass, copper and gold.

In addition, stainless steel brushes are great for cleaning corrosion-resistant items such as aluminum, pewter and stainless steel. These brushes do not leave any trace of rust after cleaning. Another type of Dremel brush tip for cleaning is a high performance abrasive brush that is perfect for performing a quick and permanent rust removal and cleaning.

Carbon steel cleaning brushes are ideal for cleaning electrical components without causing damage to them. In addition, bristle brushes are used to clean and polish precious jewelry and other materials without any problems.

Dremel also offers three types of accessories for polishing. These are the polishing wheels, impregnated polishing wheels and rubber polishing tips. All of these attachments provide impressive polishing quality! In addition, the rubber polishing tips can gently remove grinding and sanding marks that would remain after this task.

White polishing wheels are suitable for polishing metals and plastics, and impregnated wheels are ideal for polishing steel, aluminum and removing fine material.

The uses of Dremel accessories for cleaning and polishing
  • Polishing of precious jewels
  • Permanently remove stubborn rust
  • Easily clean electrical appliances
  • Removal of fine material

dremel accessories for grinding and sharpening

Grinding and sharpening tools are a must for any DIY project, and the Dremel accessories used for grinding and sharpening different materials are very useful in this field. These types of bits include four types of stones and abrasive tips of different sizes and shapes to perform a wide range of grinding and sharpening jobs.

Dremel propose quatre pierres abrasives en oxyde d’aluminium de taille unique pour le métal, les joints de soudure, les pièces moulées et les rivets. Elles permettent d’affûter et d’ébavurer les objets.

dremel drilling and routing tool

The second type of stones are the silicon carbide grinding stones. These stones are also available in four sizes and shapes. In addition, these stones are suitable for ceramics, glass, porcelain and ferrous materials for smooth grinding and sharpening.

In addition to that, you can remove rust and paint without damaging the base material with the abrasive points. This sharpening tip comes in two shapes and is ideal for light deburring and finishing work.

Enfin, le dernier type d’embouts d’affûtage Dremel est la pierre à affûter pour tronçonneuse. Vous pouvez utiliser ces accessoires pour affûter les lames de tronçonneuse émoussées. Vous pouvez utiliser ces mèches pour un affûtage rapide des lames.

Uses of Dremel accessories for sharpening and grinding
  • All grinding work
  • Removing stubborn rust
  • Gentle sharpening of chainsaw blades
  • Excellent for paint removal

Dremel burs for bending, engraving and routing

Accessories for engraving and routing are special types of cutting bits that make these types of jobs super easy and comfortable. To make these engraving and milling tasks more convenient, Dremel offers 6 unique types of bits.

With these 6 very practical bits, you can perform engraving and cutting work as well as routing. Of course, all these tips are available in 4 different sizes and shapes to adapt to a wide range of tasks for the success of all your projects.

You will find a type of high-speed routing cutter that is intended for hollowing, grooving and making tapered holes in plastic, wood and (light) metals. If you want effective engraving bits, you can attach engraving cutters to the top of the rotary tool head. These cutters provide detailed engraving in fiberglass, plastic, wood and soft metals.

accessory dremel wood glass metal

In addition, you will find tungsten carbide burs à dents régulières et structurées à utiliser pour l’acier rigide, la fonte, la céramique cuite et d’autres matériaux durs pour les travaux de polissage et de façonnage. La denture structurée, avec ses caractéristiques de coupe rapide, est idéale pour la gravure ou la sculpture d’époxy, de carrelage, de panneaux de particules.

Diamond wheels are ideal for engraving semi-precious stones, glass and jade. However, you can also do mortising, routing and inlay work in light metal, plastic and wood with Dremel routing cutters.

The uses of Dremel accessories for engraving and routing
  • Perfect for grooving and inlaying in metals, wood and plastics
  • Ideal for ripping tasks
  • Fast and easy engraving in ceramics and glass
  • Creation of works of art in metal and wood doors

Forets dremel pour carrelage, béton, brique, verre, plastique et bois

All DIY projects require drilling very often. For large drilling jobs, you'll need a powerful drill, but for small drilling jobs, Dremel's heavy-duty drills are more than enough. In addition, these wicks come in different sizes and shapes.

La bonne nouvelle est que les forets Dremel peuvent percer des trous dans le métal et le bois. Ces mèches, associées à votre rotary tool Dremel, vous faciliteront donc grandement la vie. En outre, ces forets sont très précis.

The uses of Dremel accessories for engraving and routing
  • Drilling holes in walls of different materials
  • Pre-drill holes to insert screws
  • Wood and metal drilling for all DIY projects

Conclusion sur les accessoires dremel

You've just seen that there are accessories for your Dremel for all your DIY projects. It is these many high-quality accessories that make your Dremel an indispensable and useful tool in any situation.

Buying a few accessories will quickly save you a lot of money by eliminating the need to buy many more hobby tools. You can then add to your assortment of Dremel accessories as you take on new projects, which will prove to be a great investment in the long run.

We wish you success in all your projects!



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