How to choose the best BINDING MACHINE ? Customer Reviews and 2023 COMPARISON

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The bookbinder is one of the essential office automation items in companies, but also at home.

It is useful for people in different functions, for pupils and also for students.

To help you make the right choice according to your needs, this guide will be very useful.

What is a binding machine?

To begin with, a binding machine is office equipment that, as the name suggests, binds documents.

It is used to gather sheets of paper into a perfectly organized book.

You can find several models on the market, hence the importance of consulting a guide before making a choice.

Why buy a binding machine?

Office supplies and equipment are very useful to improve organization and work, both in private and professional settings.

Printers, photocopiers and bookbinders can be found in offices, schools, apartments, etc.

To know if you should buy one, you must first analyze your needs. Then, the second step will be to discover all the features and benefits of this equipment.

To help you with this, we offer you an overview of the main reasons why you should buy a bookbinder.

maintain a document in good condition

The first advantage of a binding machine is thatit allows you to keep your documents in good condition.

Indeed, when you write a dissertation, a report or a multi-page document, it is necessary to bind them so that the document is well presented.

It is also thanks to the binding that you can keep all the leaves in the right order and avoid losing them one after the other.

You can create your own book in a few minutes, and you can keep it for a long time.

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improve its presentation

With a binding machine, you can improve the presentation of all your documents. It is indeed more professional to present your documents in the form of a bound book.

This little finishing touch brings more aesthetics to your documents. Whether it is for professional or academic purposes, it is a real asset that will make your audience want to read your work.

ease of use

You will enjoy having a bookbinder at your disposal, because it is an equipment very easy to use.

In fact, all you have to do is put the sheets to be bound in the right order.

Then, you will only have to punch them and you can finish by making the binding.

Your bound documents will be easier to handle without the risk of scattering leaves or making a mess.


Finally, you will be pleased to note that the binding is perfect for different types of documents.

Indeed, the equipment can adapt to different paper sizes, not only to A4. So, if you have A3, A5 or A6 papers or bindings, you can use your binder.

This will be an opportunity for you to use your imagination to create notebooks, personalized diaries, etc.

The binding machine is therefore a real asset to let your creative spirit express itself.

  • Maintenance of documents in good condition
  • Aesthetic presentation
  • Ease of use
  • Versatility

How to choose the best binding machine?

Buying a binder represents a significant investment. For this, it is essential to make the right choice so that this equipment can really serve you.

The first thing to do is to consider your specific needs according to your activity.

Then, you will also need to analyze the most important features of the binder to know which model you should choose.

The binding type

The first important criterion for the choice of a binding machine is the type of binding that it allows to do.

At this level, it is important to know that the final look or appearance of your document depends on the type of binding. You can choose between :

  • The durable and reusable plastic comb binder
  • The spiral binding which works like the comb binding
  • Hot stamping offers a fast, durable, professional and high quality result
  • The cold binding, recommended for the temporary storage of documents.

Binding capacity

The second important criterion for choosing your bookbinder, is its capacity.

It should be noted here that each binder can handle a number of papers at a time.

So while some models are suitable for binding about 10-20 pages, others can bind large documents.

It all depends on the type of document you intend to bind.


The binding machines available on the market se distinguent aussi par leurs dimensions.

The larger models generally offer more ease of use.

The smaller ones, on the other hand, are less cumbersome and can find a place anywhere. It's up to you to decide what your priority is.

The design

This criterion is not the most important, but it is not to be neglected. So check the aesthetics of your binder before choosing it.

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How to use a bookbinder?

The binding machine is a versatile equipment that you can use on many occasions.

Initially, you can use it in a professional context, to better organize the company's documents.

Then, you can also use your binder to create small booklets or drawing books for your children.

In fact, there is no limit to what you can do with this equipment.

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