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how to choose the best spreader

The spreader is sometimes called a seeder, since it allows to spread products evenly on a surface. It is often fertilizer, but it can also be salt, sand, etc. Since there are several models on the market, it is necessary to be careful to choose the best one.

What is a spreader?

We are in the presence of a machine whose use is very often agricultural. It is equipped with a powerful system that allows it to spreading any type of product on an agricultural areaor frozen as needed.

Garden spreaders are much smaller than those used for large agricultural areas. However, the principle remains the same for all. These tools have a tank and the work is done either in line, by gravity, etc.

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Why buy a spreader?

There are many advantages to using this tool to do certain jobs.

Efficiency and time saving

Objective 1er of a spreader is to be able to to distribute a product evenly and homogeneously. It is a very efficient piece of equipment, and the material spread is saved due to its operation. This is due to the efficient system of the spreader, which enables it to reduce the material to small pieces (grain).


The spreader is used for various jobs. Depending on the model, it can be found in a small garden, or in a field of several hectares. It is used to sow grain, grass, etc., or to spread sand, salt, fertilizer, etc.

Less effort and great comfort of use

This equipment offers an appreciable comfort of use to the user, who will not have to worry about getting the job done. No need to bend down indefinitely to sow, for example (good news for your back). Just hold the handlebars and move forward, the spreader will do all the work.

  • Performance
  • Great comfort of use
  • Versatility

How to choose your spreader ?

The various functions of the spreader make it an indispensable tool for certain jobs. However, for it to be really useful, it is necessary to choose it carefully. To this end, there are important criteria to take into account.

A spreader for what purpose?

Spreaders can spread manure, fertilizer, salt, etc. However, depending on the model, some will be more suitable for one product than another. To be sure, at the time of choice it will be necessary to check on the manual, according to the need of the user, and the material to spread.

In case of uncertainties or if the user intends to use the device for different products, versatile models exist. Some may spread seeds, but also sand or gravel.

The capacity

The capacity of the spreader tank should be checked to ensure that it is suitable for the terrain on which it will be used. To avoid having to refill the tank frequently, ensure that the spreader has sufficient volume. The capacity of the tank to hold products is measured in liters.

Dimensions and weight

The spreaders on the market come in various sizes. To make it easier to use, it is better if the tool is the size of the person using it. It must also be suitable for the surface where it will be used. So, it is necessary to check the dimensions as well for the use, as for the planned storage. Indeed, it is an equipment that can be quite bulky, so the place where it will be stored must be planned.

About the weight, the spreader should not be too heavy. It is true that it will be equipped with wheels for moving it, but a light tool is always easier to handle. With a weight of about 3.5 kg, the spreader will be easy to use.

The flow

This criterion should not be neglected, so that the spreader is really effective and efficient for the user. When the flow rate is good, in addition to the performance, the work is done faster. This indicates that the device is effective, since in a short time, you get satisfactory results.

The robustness

It is the material that was used to make the spreader that is being looked at here. It must be resistant and of good qualityThe spreader is designed to last a long time. The reason why the sturdiness of the spreader is so important is because it is a tool that is used outdoors. It will therefore have to hit obstacles during its activities.

It will also be exposed to humidity, sunlight, etc. The material of manufacture should be able to withstand all this without problems. Therefore, it is necessary to inspect the article well before validating its acquisition.

The quality of the wheels

The spreader has wheels on which it is moved. It is important to make sure that the quality of the wheels is suitable for the terrain they will cover. In general, make sure that the wheels of the spreader are all terrain. This way, no matter what type of terrain you need to spread on, the equipment can do the job. The wheels will be able to adapt, whether the terrain is rough or flat.

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How to use a spreader?

The spreader can be used for :

Sowing the lawn

To sow grass seedIf it is to be used for the seed to fall straight down in a predefined path, a drip spreader can be used. If it is to make the seed fall straight in a predefined path, a drip spreader is used. If it is to obtain a large lawn, the seeds are scattered, thanks to a rotary spreader.

Spreading an amendment or fertilizer

To enrich a soil and fertilize itA spreader is the right solution to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Spreading salt

In case ofSnow and ice conditionsThe spreader is used to spread salt on the roadways to melt snow and ice.

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