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What is a rotary tool?

Originally, thehe first Dremel rotary tools used to use compressed air to quickly drive the tool's circular motion, but today's models are equipped with advanced electric motors for higher torque and much higher RPM. The primary function of a Dremel multi-tool is to create a powerful circular rotation that can drive accessories such as drills or saws.

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Thanks to the wide variety of dremel accessories at Leroy Merlin that can be fitted to a rotary tool, you can easily complete woodworking projects, engraving and many other tasks.

The adapter allows you to connect the different accessories. There are different sizes and models of accessories.

Dremel Leroy Merlin: Types of rotary tools

There are two main types of tools that we will present here. The basic version and the professional version.

  • Basic Version: This version is perfect for detail work, including cutting, smoothing, engraving and shaping. The motors are smaller in the basic version, making them much more flexible and easier to control.
  • Professional: The longer motor on these tools makes them much heavier and slightly more difficult to handle. They are often used in professional situations such as cutting drywall and are used on large construction sites. They typically have motors that deliver between 3 and 5 amps and are designed to cut different types of materials.

Advantages of a Dremel rotary tool purchased at Leroy Merlin

Many quick jobs around the house can be done efficiently and quickly with these Dremel tools, including grinding, sanding and engraving.

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No matter what electronics you own, or what tools you use to sharpen blades and saws, a Dremel multi-tool can offer quick and powerful solutions to a wide range of repair, maintenance and construction tasks. Some masons use these products to quickly cut a variety of thick and thin materials.

Woodworkers use it to shape and sand corners, curves and other delicate areas. With the purchase of a Dremel at Leroy Merlin you will be able to do all these tasks yourself, so you could easily save a lot of money.

With thousands of accessories available in Leroy Merlin stores, this tool can easily become one of the most versatile and useful tools in your shop.

Tips for choosing the best Dremel model at Leroy Merlin

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Make sure your Dremel rotary tool meets the following specifications:

Speed of rotation

Different tools have different speed settings measured in revolutions per minute. Faster speeds can allow the tool to achieve greater accuracy for more precise work.


While the fastest ones are excellent for precision work, the amount of torque generated by this product determines its ability to perform sanding, smoothing and engraving tasks.


When using a Dremel tool At Leroy Merlin, you want to make sure you get a quality cut that reduces the need for finishing and smoothing after the cut. In general, rotary tools provide smoother, more direct cuts that are generally much more accurate than other handheld tools.


Initially, these models had a big life problem due to the continuous vibrations the tool produces during use. These frequent vibrations can damage the components of the multi-tool.

Newer models have been designed to control this constant vibration and are also much more efficient at regulating heat and humidity. Today's technology has eliminated the problem of shelf life.

With or without wire

If you don't need the portability of a handheld tool, you'll be much more comfortable with a tool that plugs into an AC power source.

The great power provided by mains powered devices is the reason why they are the most popular on the market, as you won't have to worry about having to recharge the battery, and they are much lighter as they don't have the extra weight that a battery induces.

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Drill size

Dremel rotary tools generally handle two different sizes of drill bits. If it has a longer chuck, it will be more versatile because it can be adjusted to smaller sizes. The standard bit sizes that most multi-tools use are ¼" and 1/8″.

The tool that has a ¼" size can be adjusted to a 1/8″ size, so if you choose the first size, you will have more flexibility. Also, if you need other sizes , you can find them at Leroy Merlin.

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Dremel accessories at Leroy Merlin

The Dremel accessories are usually interchangeable between tools because the tip size is usually the same, but you may notice that those that come with accessories are designed for a specific model. If you buy one that comes with accessories, make sure it has the following materials:

  • Drill bits: They come in many shapes and sizes. They are used to shape and make holes in many types of wood.
  • Discs: These are small cutting tools used for multipurpose tools that can rotate at thousands of revolutions per minute.
  • Tungsten carbide cutters: These items are made of a more durable material than traditional metal and last much longer. If you do a lot of cutting, these are the ones to choose.
  • Tungsten carbide saws: These saws have teeth that cut fiberglass, wood, plastic, rubber and resin.
  • Cutting Discs: These emery discs slice and cut plastic and metal.
  • Diamond wheels: Used for fine, more detailed work on wood, ceramic and glass.
  • Small engravers: These engravers are perfect for engraving and etching on different types of materials.
  • Aluminum Oxide Stones: These stones are used for grinding hard surfaces such as glass, metal or ceramic, as well as other materials.
  • Brush: It is used to clean and polish metal surfaces as well as jewelry. They come in rope form and in different varieties.
  • Sanding accessories: These small discs allow you to get into hard-to-reach areas and smooth them out.
  • Polishing Tips: These polishing tips are also designed for hard-to-reach areas and are made of rubber or cloth.

The best Dremel rotary tools at Leroy Merlin In April 2023

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Now you know, these designed Dremel rotary tools will make it easy to complete all your DIY projects.

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