Installer un POÊLE à BOIS Sans CONDUIT de CHEMINÉE ? Tuto 2023

Heating, no matter how it is burned, requires the installation of equipment and sometimes the installation of a vent. Heating your home can be a necessity. Thus, you can opt for a wood stove. In the following, discover how to install your stove wood burning without a chimney.

The characteristics of the wood stove

Opting for wood heating is an inexpensive and at the same time more environmentally friendly option. It's better than most of the fuels you'll find in many homes.

This is the case for gas, oil or certain renewable energies. As such, a gas boiler or an oil boiler, although capable of providing the energy necessary to heat your home, would have a higher cost while remaining less ecological.

Usually connected to a flue such as a chimney, wood heating is a whole system. However, for many homes built before the year 2000, the flue pipe either does not exist or has become defective over time.

In this second case, a stainless steel casing could be useful to restore the watertightness.

install flueless wood stove

How to install a wood stove without a chimney

If your home is unique in that it does not have a flue, then you will need to install a new metal flue to connect to your wood stove. Obviously, the composition of the tubes used in the installation of the said duct and their proper installation will be a major factor in the safe performance of the installation.

Current regulations

To do this, you must comply with a unified technical document for smoke work. This step is important in order to install a pellet stove without difficulty.

Indeed, the text imposes you rules of design and implementation of the flues and smoke pipes. You will have to comply with constraints of diameters and variations of flues, obligations of maintenance and sweeping of flues, safety distances to be observed with all combustible materials around the flues.

Practical difficulties

In addition to all this, you must also ensure that the duct is suitable for your model of pellet stove. Another precision, as regards the pellet stove, it requires sufficient ventilation to function without impacting the air of the dwelling.

You will need to create a specific opening if there are no vents. This opening should preferably be positioned at the ventilation of the system to limit uncomfortable air ingress in winter.

Air intake strips above the windows can be used, provided that they have a sufficient cross-section to allow a significant airflow. Compatibility between the various elements of the heating system must be proven.

how to make a success of the assembly?

Concerning the standard assembly of such a wood stoveThe recommendations are to have the smoke extraction duct at the roof outlet and to have it extend at least 40 cm above the ridge of the house in order to ensure the necessary draft.

When the material of the roof or the layout of the rooms does not offer this possibility, some wood heating systems adopt a terminal in the facade subject to a technical opinion.

However, even though it is more economical than roofing, it is a potentially controversial installation. Indeed, there is a risk of staining the exterior walls before proceeding with its installation, so it will be necessary to ask for help if in doubt.

You can connect the air supply nozzle to a combustion air supply duct through an exterior wall for the supply of sealed combustion stoves. This prevents oxygen from being drawn into the house during operation and eliminates uncomfortable drafts.

The different assemblies required

There are many ways to install your heating system without a chimney. For example, you can adopt the suction cup installation. It is simple to install.

The suction cup assembly, how does it work?

The installation in suction cup concerns the certified stoves with tight combustion circuit by the CSTB. Nevertheless, their number is still limited for the moment. If you are in this situation, you must connect your wood stove to a concentric pipe.

This will ensure that the air is drawn in and the smoke is extracted at the same time. The pipe in question could then end up either on the façade, on the roof or at the ridge.

The term "suction cup" often refers to the installation on the façade. The airtightness conditions of buildings subject to the RT 2012 thermal regulation are respected by this type of installation. Better still, the heat exchange between the incoming air and the expelled fumes contributes to reducing energy consumption by between 4 and 5%. This type of installation is particularly suitable for new buildings.

In addition, you have the pellet stove which is a perfect space heater, easy to install and space saving. There is no need to connect to the central heating system.

However, it must be connected to a flue and the flue must meet certain criteria. These include draft, minimum diameter and temperature ratings. Also consider creating a duct if you have none.

guide to installing a flueless wood stove

You can then choose the position of the conduit in relation to the constraints of your home and the location you want for your pellet stove of wood.

When you want to install a Flueless wood stoveYou may face difficulties. This is especially the case when the cost of building a flue is too high for you. In this case, you could opt for a pellet stove. Indeed, some models work according to the principle of the suction cup, with a PVC evacuation pipe of small section.

As far as regulations are concerned, you will simply have to resort to waterproof appliances. This type of stove offers you an economical and ecological solution in addition to an exceptional efficiency of about 90 %. Also, you have access to a tax credit to compensate for its often somewhat high price.

The preferred solution nowadays, wood heating is adopted by many households. Less energy costs, pleasant sensations, ecological option, its advantages are numerous. So, get your tools if you are ready to install your wood stove without chimney.


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