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how to clean wood deck

You have just installed a wooden deck in your garden? You should know that this construction must be regularly maintained to stay in perfect condition longer.

However, be careful to know the basic rules and good tips, because wood is a material that requires special care. So to help you enjoy your beautiful wood deck as long as possible, we invite you to discover in the following how to clean it well.

Wood is a natural material that is becoming more and more attractive. It presents an authentic and sober side, while being modern and aesthetic. It is therefore the ideal material to use for build a terrace that will sublimate your garden.

What you should know is that wood requires maintenance, especially when it is exposed in an outdoor space. It can become damaged and lose its luster for a variety of reasons:

  • Rain and snow can rot the surface of the wood and give it a black color
  • Moss can attack the wood and grow all over its surface because of the humidity
  • Natural wear and tear caused by foot traffic, furniture scratches or stains of any kind can damage a wood terrace
  • The sun with its UV rays washes away the wood, making it lose its natural shine and giving it a grayish color.
wood terrace cleaning

What products should be used to clean a wood deck?

To fight against all these natural and human phenomena that can accelerate the aging of your wood deck, you must maintain it well.

To do this, you will need some specific products to be chosen with great care. You must keep in mind that wood is a fragile material that can be damaged when in contact with certain abrasive products.

For that, we propose to you for the maintenance of your wooden terrace, natural products like those which follow.

Cleaning a deck with white vinegar

White vinegar is a household product that can be found in almost every home. It has several functions, apart from its role in certain recipes. In fact, apart from the kitchen, white vinegar is also used for the maintenance of various surfaces in the house, including the wooden deck.

It is very effective in removing foam even when it is dry. Simply spray it on your deck and enjoy its anti-moss properties.

Potato cooking water

It is also a product that can be easily obtained at home. The water used to cook potatoes is very rich in starch. Pour it on your deck while it's still boiling, and you can easily weed.

In addition, this water will remove the grayish color of your old deck and revive its natural colors.

Black soap with water

This mixture is much less aggressive and allows you to clean your wood deck cleanly without risking damage. With the help of a brush, you will be able to remove all the stains and make your terrace impeccable. You will only have to rinse with warm water afterwards.

Bicarbonate of soda

Baking soda is another household essential. It has exceptional properties that make it a great ally for home maintenance.

Dilute it in water and use the resulting solution to clean your deck. This will remove moss and grayish stains left by rain.

technique how to clean wood deck

The earth of Sommières

This product is only effective for pest control. Indeed, the Sommières earth has properties that can be very useful to clean a wooden deck.

Simply apply it to stains, such as grease or wine stains. Thanks to its absorbent effect, this product can considerably reduce and even make disappear the most stubborn stains.

How to clean a wood deck?

To thoroughly clean your wood deck, you'll need to perform several tasks. Among other things, you will need to:

  • Sand the deck with a sander or sandpaper
  • Clean the deck with a broom to remove dirt
  • Removing ingrained grease marks
  • Use a wood cleaner to revive the natural colors of your wood deck
  • Apply an oil to give your wood deck a shine.

In summary, maintaining a wood deck goes through several steps and requires the use of different products. You will also need a good dose of elbow grease and maybe even another pair of arms.


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