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how to diffuse heat wood stove

A wood stove is an important asset in every home when it comes to heating. However, it can happen that the heat is felt more in some places than in others.

Whether you are in this situation or you need to install a wood stove in your home, you will have to anticipate. Precautions must be taken to ensure optimal heat distribution in your home.

Importance of heat diffusion from a wood stove in your home

The diffusion of heat within the home is essential during the heating season. This ensures the comfort of the inhabitants. There are many ways to optimize the heat distribution in your home when you have a wood stove.

Ensuring the proper distribution of heat in a home has several benefits. This allows you to optimize the performance of your wood stove. Indeed, to diffuse the heat well within its dwelling makes it possible to lower the expenses relating to heating.

You will not need to increase fuel consumption to compensate for shortages. Well-distributed heat also provides comfort and well-being for everyone in the house. This makes everyday life more pleasant and avoids having to cover up too much, for example.

Moderate energy consumption is therefore an effective way of limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

diffuse heat wood stove

How to diffuse heat with a wood stove?

To disseminate the heat from the wood stove in the house, several factors must be taken into account. First of all, you must choose the right location for your wood stove. A good diffusion of heat is first of all achieved by a well thought-out heating installation.

The wood stove must be positioned to effectively heat all the targeted rooms. So choose a central location for theinstallation of your wood stove. Often this is the living room. If possible, it is also advisable to let the heat circulate in the house. So leave the doors open if they don't open into cold rooms.

However, avoid installing partitions that cut off the space. As long as the size of the room is not excessive, a living room opening onto an open kitchen, or a living room opening onto the dining room, are interesting configurations. Indeed, it allows to better to spread the heat from the stove wood burning. You must also think about ventilation because a well heated house is a house where the air circulates.

If your home does not have one, consider installing a controlled mechanical ventilation system. This device allows you to renew the air in your home and preserve its quality. There are even CMVs coupled with heat distribution systems to optimize the distribution of heat from the stove in the house.

You should also opt for a stove that can be channeled and that has the particularity of being connected to a network of ducts which distributes heat to all rooms in the house. The ductable stove also incorporates its own ventilation system. This type of installation, contrary to popular belief, makes little noise and is not disturbing in its daily use.

It is also important to ensure that you use the right fuel. It is important to choose good quality wood in order to enjoy optimal combustion and to benefit from your heating appliance as long as possible. Quality wood is characterized by its relatively low moisture content. This allows for quick ignition and heat distribution.

Why choose heat distribution?

The option of adopting a wood stove is recommended for heating more than one room. The use of this device mainly responds to a need to optimize thermal comfort. It is an innovation that has also allowed the warm air to rise to the rooms located on the floor of housing.

Thus, the bathroom, the office, the bedroom and many other rooms located in high places can benefit from the wood stove. In order to accelerate the temperature rise, it is necessary to use a fan for wood stove.

The purpose of this tool is to circulate the hot air collected from the stove and distribute it through the vents.

guide to diffusing heat from a wood stove

How to choose a heat recovery and distribution system

Nowadays, many models of these devices are commercially available. Some are equipped with a triple-wall heat exchanger duct that optimizes their operation. There is also a stove that can be channeled, which offers comfort of use.

It is a real alternative to the traditional stove. Better yet, it is more efficient because it has a heat extraction system. This system works like a heat collector on a wood stove. The stove will then be connected to a network of pipes that acts as a heat distributor.

Unlike the classic model, the pellet stove can be channeled to distribute the heat in the home. This wood-burning stove has a fan powerful enough for the assimilation of heated air into the duct system.

Therefore, the system has its own VMS. In order to guarantee an efficient distribution of heat, it is often combined with a network of pipes in the wall. This equipment, in addition to producing a comfortable and gentle heat, is distinguished by its performance. This wood stove has a fan that propels the heated air, ensuring a fair distribution of heat.

Still on the subject of results, the pellet stove The channelable fuel ensures better performance. For other energies, its combustion offers an efficiency that can climb to 95 %. In addition, the pellets used for combustion have a lower moisture content. This rarely exceeds 10 % in the vast majority of cases.

It is possible to efficiently distribute the heat from a wood stove. If you need this device or if yours is not efficient enough, you already know how to proceed to ensure optimal heat distribution in your home.


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