Wood Stove with Baking Plate, What are its advantages?

A perfect compromise between electric heating and heat pumps, the wood stove is very popular. It is therefore one of the most ecological options.

There is through this type of alternative, the need to reduce fossil energy on the one hand. On the other hand, it is necessary to integrate the fact that renewable energy appliances are sometimes too expensive to purchase.

To help you get by, you have the option of adopting a wood stove with a cooktop. What are its advantages?

wood stove cooking plate

What is a wood stove with a cooktop?

A heating system that runs on wood, the wood stove works a bit like a fireplace.

It does not use electricity or gas, but rather burning wood to heat your home.

A wood stove with a cooktop is not only an eye-catcher. It also creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Switching to wood heat also frees you from the grip of oil, gas and electricity.

Depending on the model you purchase, the stove can be used as a sole source of heating or as a supplement to conventional heating.

It provides many additional benefits when equipped with a hot plate.

The cooking surface can then be used to heat or keep warmbut also for cooking or roasting.

As an example, the hot plate is suitable for everything that is important on cold evenings and in winter.

This, to keep hot drinks warm, heat mulled wine and punch...

You can also use it to prepare soups and stews, to regulate the humidity of the air or for cooking, when the stove has a cooking compartment.

What are the advantages of a wood stove with a cooktop?

The advantages of a wood stove with a hot plate are numerous. Choosing wood as a heating material is first of all the certainty of having an accessible resource.

Then you are also sure that it is produced in a responsible way. At this level, it is important to point out that due to the price of oil per barrel, the price of electricity has been rising steadily in recent years.

So adopting a wood stove with a cooktop is one of the best things you can do right now. This option also allows you to reduce your bill by half.

However, you should keep in mind the price of logs. The main advantage is that you can control your fuel purchase.

Indeed, it is only in winter that the heating needs are at their peak.

The amount of logs you need depends on your cooking frequency and habits.

A heating stove alone, added to a cooktop and potentially an oven, will take up a lot of space.

Having them in one room is therefore a significant space saving.

Your kitchen will be more airy, satisfying your need for a cozy interior and your visual pleasure.

advantage wood stove cooking plate

In view of all this, you should adopt a wood stove with a cooking plate designed in cast iron and steel.

This is what you need for a clean, modern and functional decor. No more going back and forth between three different types of tasks in the kitchen.

The gain is also economic since taking three different devices will definitely cost you more.

In addition to all this, we can add that the wood stove with hob offers a very modern appearance by its design.

The dishes cooking in the oven, the glass that lets you see the burning logs make the charm of this device.

The same goes for the shiny heating element or the mast or the nice handle. As for the CO2 emissions, they are only 0.09%.

Compared to the high cost of oil, gas or electric heating, these figures do not represent any obstacle.

How to use a wood stove with a hotplate?

With a more modern technology, Wood stoves with a cooktop are cleaner, easier to use and safer.

In choosing the stove with a wood burning stove, your creativity will increase.

If you live in an area where snowstorms or power outages are common, a wood stove with a cooktop can save the day.

Your wood stove can therefore be used to cook your meals as well as to heat your home, even when you don't have electricity.

In case you have never cooked on a wood stove with a hot plate, you may need to learn a few things.

Nevertheless, with a little practice, absolutely everyone can use a wood stove of this type.

So, before anything else, make sure you use dry and well aged wood. The heat generated above the stove comes from the coals and not from the flame.

It would then be necessary to ensure thatlight your fire one hour before you start cooking.

A technique that ensures a well heated and uniform surface.

To speed up the heating process, open the vents, as the more air that enters, the more intense the fire.

You should also use cast iron dishes on a wood stove. A steel or aluminum dish will not hold.

Cast iron is an excellent material for conducting heat and save you from overheating.

There are also other metal pots and pans that are searing on the outside of your food.

Cast iron cookware ensures evenly heated surfaces every time.

The trivet is another important tool. On electric or gas stoves, it is not necessarily useful.

However, you will need it here on top of the burner to raise your cooking dishes and control the temperature.

price to buy wood stove

What is the price of a wood stove with a cooktop?

With respect to the price of a stove There are several criteria to consider when choosing a wood-burning stove with a cooktop. First, there is your heating need.

At this level, you have to determine if it is a one-time or permanent need. You must also integrate the space reserved for your device and the configuration of your home.

The price of a wood-burning stove with a hotplate varies between 1000 and 4000 euros. If you don't count the installation costs, the price of a wood stove varies from 500 to 2500 euros.

Through this detailed article, you now have all the information you need about the wood stove with hotplate.

Its benefits are innumerable for all the households that adopt it, as well as for the environment and the entire planet.


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